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Property Type: Flat above shop

Reason for selling at auction: unmortgageable

Seller: Probate

Guide price £80,000

Sold Price £101,000

History of This Auctioned Flat in Eastbourne

Flats above commercial premises in Eastbourne, offer large accommodation for your money, and as long as they are not above take away fast food shops, traditionally banks would lend against them.

This is no longer the case, with lenders tightening what they will and won’t lend on. The seller who had a small mortgage on the property came to Sell By Auction to see what could be done.

The property was ready to let, had a long lease and we suggested a guide price of £80,000 which was accepted by the seller and well accepted by viewers.

On the day of the auction competitive bidding sent the price just north of £100,000 an excellent result.

Why Choose Sell by Auction?

Providing is standard that we follow to be able to provide greater value and professional advice for all vendors wanting to sell their Eastbourne property. Another important consideration is our transparence and ability to attract the right type of buyers who are willing to place quality bidding at auctions. Just as we achieved great results for this Flat we sold at auction, we are looking forward to answering all your questions, simply call us on 0800 302 9441 or use our Request a Call back form below

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