garages sold at auction

Property Type: Lock up garage within apartment development in Bournemouth

Reason for selling at auction: Emigration

Guide Price £10,000+

Sold Price £12,000

History of This Auctioned Garage in Bournemouth

The seller having previously owned an apartment in the block had retained a lock up garage to store their vintage car.

Having not only sold the car and emigrating didn’t know what to do with a lock up garage.

Local agents were of no help, Sell By Auction having sold many garages knew an auction would get the garage sold at 100% market value.

With a modest £10,000 reserve the garage sold to a first time buyer within the block. A happy seller and a happy buyer and £2,000 over guide selling price

Why Auction Garages?

Unlike other types of properties, garages require truly experienced auctioneer to get the best possible price for the seller. Most estate agents sell houses which usually take a very long time to complete. We’ve sold many types of properties including garages, regardless of the type of property you want to sell, getting a is wise decision. For professional advice, simply use our Request a Call back form below

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