Two Bed Mid Terraced House In Bolton Sold at Auction

Property type: Two bed mid terraced house in Bolton

Reason for auction: In need of major renovation

Seller: Inherited

Guide price: £30,000 – £35,000

Sold price: £41,000

History of This Auctioned House in Bolton England

A young lady in her early 20’s had inherited an old Victorian terrace in Bolton from her aunt. The house was badly stained from years of smoking and was very damp with wet rot evident in the wood work.

The young lady had no interest or intention to do anything with the house other than sell it, turn it into cash and invest the money into long term savings for a deposit when she was ready to buy a new Bolton property her self.

Sale by auction took away all the stress, hassle and uncertainty. We achieved a sale price 30% over reserve which the seller was really happy about.

Sell by Auction Because You’ll Get Better Results

Knowing that not all home owners are wanting to wait around for estate agents to generate enough interest for their homes for quicker sale. Not to mention the results (in this case over 30% guide price). That means, because it really can delivery the sale results that is suited for your specific wants. Get your or request a callback by providing your basic details in the form below.

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