houses at Allendale Hexham Northumberland North East England

Location: Leadgate, Allendale, Hexham, Northumberland

Property type: Three bed end terrace house with building plot

Reason for auction: Re invest money in a new venture

Seller: Builder

Guide price: £90,000

Sold price: £130,000

History of This Auctioned Property in Hexham

Local builder had recently bought this Hexham property to renovate. Meanwhile another project was offered to the builder that would generate larger profits. The builder needed to sell quickly but at the same time get the best price.

Sell by auction advised that by securing planning permission we would not only be able to sell the property quicker, but do so earn him a substantial profit.

Selling by auction secured a fast sale and a tidy profit enabling the builder the chance to secure an even bigger development. Looking to get professional advice which could result in better results for your Hexham property? Contacting our specialist team for free auction appraisal is as easy as pressing on this phone number 0800 302 9441 or request a callback by providing your basic details in the request a call back form below.

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