Detached House sold at Auction in Blackpool UK

Property Type: Detached House in Blackpool, Lancashire

Reason for selling at auction: Inherited

Seller: Probate

Guide Price £30,000+

Sold Price £63,000

History of This Auctioned Detached House in Blackpool Lancashire

The seller inherited the Lancashire property and let the property for a number of years. With housing benefit changes brought rent payment delays.

The seller had initially rented the property, as the Blackpool house had significant , resulting in bowed walls, sloping floors and possible continued movement.

As the property was yielding £7000, rather than using a local auction we recommended a London auction for yield hungry investors.

This proved to be excellent advice as the property gained huge interest with Chinese buyers fighting it out, with a sales price double the guide finishing at £63,000, and one delighted selling client.

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