Semi Detached Bungalow In Middlesbrough

Location: Eastbourne Gardens Middlesbrough Cleveland

Property type: Two bed semidetached bungalow

Reason for auction: Failed to sell on open market & sales fallen through

Seller: Moving into sheltered accommodation

Guide Price: £60,000

Sold price: £72,000

History of This Auctioned bungalow in Middlesbrough England

An elderly couple had decided to sell their Middlesborough bungalow and move into a modern purpose built . The local agents failed to sell the bungalow after several sales had fallen through following survey.

The problem was that the buyers couldn’t see anything wrong and were quite happy until survey day when it became clear the property needed a new roof. This was too much hassle for the buyers so they pulled out of the sale.

Sell by auction were approached and sold the property by auction for £4,000 more than the previous buyer’s offer. This proves sale by auction ensures you get the best price in the market when our expertise and industry experience is utilized.

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