Semi Detached Bungalow In Middlesbrough

Location: Lydbrook Road Middlesbrough Cleveland TS5 4NR

Property type: Three bed semi detached house

Reason for auction: In need of house clearance and total renovation

Seller: Inherited probate executors

Guide price: £45,000

Sold price: £50,000

History of This Auctioned House in Middlesbrough

Three sisters had inherited a large traditional semi detached house that was in need of renovation. None of the sisters had any experience or intention to renovate the house so sale was required.

They could not agree on an asking price or whether to clear the house – no mean feat – 4 skips were needed.

Sell by auction arranged to meet at the property and provided a .

We advised the beneficiaries to sell by auction and would even arrange for the house to be cleared helping buyers see the house fully and get around it safely.

The plan worked. As the sisters were at loggerheads on the asking price, it was listed for auction at the probate valuation and successfully sold for £5,000 above guide price.

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