Two Bed Terraced House In Oldham Sold at Auction

Property type: Two bed Oldham terraced house

Reason for auction: In need of full refurbishment

Seller: Local estate agent

Guide price: £15,000

Sold price: £42,000

History of This Auctioned Terraced House in Oldham England

Sell by Auction were instructed to sell the Oldham property by a local estate agent on behalf of one of their vendor clients. The state agents had recommended sale by property auction as the best method to sell the house, after the tenant had vacated.

The agents knew that they would be inundated with viewings and plenty of time wasters, failed surveys, mortgage refusals and hopeful property developers who didn’t know what they were doing.

They knew that would get the best price in the shortest possible time scale with minimum of hassle. This proved correct, as the property doubled its guide price.

Selling by Auction Achieves the Results You Deserve

There are many variations due to each property auctioned off being unique in its features, this could be the age of the property, how many bedrooms it has, who owns it or what terms and restrictions is placed on its sale. Surely, only an experienced auctioneer can answer all these to get the best possible price for sellers. That is why, our previous performance assures that our valued customers get the results that they deserve. To get started, simply request your free auction appraisal or call us 0800 302 9441 now

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