semi detached house in Plymouth house sold at auction

Property Type: Semi detached house in Plymouth

Quick Sale Needed: Inherited

Reason for selling at auction: Probate

Sold Price: Sold prior

History of This Auctioned detached house in Plymouth England

Quite often you will see property selling prior to auction. There can be a number of reasons including a great offer, a problem with the legal pack or in this case the vendor needing to sell fast.

The property located in Plymouth Devon had been inherited by a family and needing updating. Frustration had set in following a long winded sale falling through.

gave an auction valuation. The sellers said if you can find a buyer that will pay this we would like to sell quick.

From our network a cash buyer was found who had the ability to exchange contract in just 5 days. The buyer paid our fees, the seller paid no fees as we offer a standard free entry.

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