High Rise Flats in Salford

Property type: High rise ex council flat in Salford

Reason for auction: Non traditional construction

Seller: Elderly couple moving into care home

Guide price: £30,000

Sold price: £35,000

History of This Auctioned Flat in Salford England

The owners had bought the Salford flat very cheaply through right to buy and had lived there happily for 40 years.

Due to age and ill health they could no longer manage without help. They moved into a managed care residential facility and needed to sell their flat as fast as possible to pay for the fees as they didn’t want to dip into their savings.

Several estate agents had tried to sell the flat but there was no demand from first time buyers who wanted more modern flats. They were unable to get a mortgage due to high rise building and non standard construction.

Sell By Auction sold the flat straight away in less than one week to a London investor.

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