Large Seven Bed Victorian Semi Detached dwelling Sold by property Auctioning in Southport

Property type: Large Southport seven bed Victorian semi-detached

Reason for auction: Council forced sale, demolition order due to derelict condition

Seller: Local businessman

Guide price: £150,000

Sold price: £150,000

History of This Auctioned Victorian House in Southport

A Southport businessman had inherited the house and left it vacant for over ten years. Eventually, the council forced him to sell before they placed it under a demolition order.

The house was derelict, broken into many times, set on fire, squatted in and was now home to several hundred pigeons and many more rats.

Sell By Auction brought a rapid and satisfactory conclusion a quick sale at full market value.

Sell By Auction have found fire-damaged houses overperform. Quite why is a mystery? This property was guided high and still had strong interest.

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