Shrewbury property sold by Auction

Property Type: Sutton terraced House

Reason for selling at auction: Inherited house

Seller: Probate (fathers house)

Guide Price £250,000+

Sold Price £300,000

History of This Auctioned House in Sutton England

The seller unsuccessfully tried to sell the Sutton property with local agents at an asking price of £275,000. Two sales had fallen through due to the condition of the property.

Sell By Auction assessed the property and thought it would actually exceed the last quoted asking price. This is a situation we often see from poor local agent advise.

Because of the last asking price we suggested a guide price of £250,000 to stimulate the market. A pre-auction offer came in and we recommended to the client to accept it as it was £25,000 more than what the property was previously on for. That’s the difference of selling by auction, however, not all auctioneers can achieve the results our experienced team of auction experts can. To get a professional and absolutely at no cost to you or use our Request a Call back form below

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