Victorian Terrace Auctioned in Uttoxeter England

Property Type: Victorian Mid terrace

Reason for sale at auction: Broken chain

Seller: Family

Guide Price: £75,000

Sale Price: £86,000

History of This Auctioned Victorian Mid Terrace in Uttoxeter England

Our client needed to relocate due to a new job and having lost their buyer on their Uttoxeter terrace house, they approached Sell By Auction.

Although listings were now closed, we managed to get the property into a London Auction just before the catalogue went to print. The pressure was on as a Private sale price had been agreed all be it fallen through, at £92,000.

The property was in reasonable condition, but now having had all the furniture removed it look a little tired. Sell by Auction advised on a builders clean, with the property deep cleaned throughout.

The day before the auction it was a 50 / 50 if it was going to sell. Reserve was set at a guide price of £75,000, a gutsy decision.

This proved to be the right advice as the property went on to sell at £86,000, an excellent result for a very happy vendor.

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