property near canal in Uxbridge Middlesex sold by auction

Property Type: Purpose built 1930’s maisonette

Reason for auction: Short lease

Seller: Probate sale

Guide Price: £145,000

Sale Price: £175,000

History of This Auctioned Maisonette in Middlesex England

The family beneficiaries of the vacant two-bedroom maisonette in Uxbridge wanted a quick and secure sale. They called for a property auction valuation.

We immediately advised the client to serve a section 42 notice on the Landlord.

The benefit of which could be assigned to the buyer on completion, allowing them the advantage of negotiating a new lease.

The property was in dated condition and although the family had cherry picked certain items, the property needed a full house clearance which was arranged by Sell By Auction and a deep clean.

Free entry and no sale, no fee terms, and an intensive marketing campaign achieved a £175,000 selling price, an excellent result for a 20-year lease property.

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