terrace house in Scunthorpe United Kingdom

Property type: Mid terrace house

Reason for auction: Owner moving to care home

Seller: Power of Attorney

Guide price: £25,000

Sold price: £38,000

History of This Auctioned House in Scunthorpe

The elderly owner of the Scunthorpe terrace house after a stay in hospital moved to a care home facility. With the Local Authority pressing the son (who had power of attorney) for part payment and putting a charge on the house, a quick, transparent sale by auction was the solution.

The property had suffered a burglary, and been copper stripped. arranged for the property to be security boarded via our asset managers.

The property was well marketed but due to the amount of work and end values failed to sell on the day. Our teams of negotiators contacted all viewers and requested best offers by close of business four days later, resulting in a good offer and an immediate exchange of contracts. Our industry experience ensures that we thoroughly understand the features of the property to be auctioned so that we can tailor the best approach so that you as the seller get the best possible outcome. To arrange a confidential and professional advice simply call us on 0800 302 9441 or use our Request a Call back form below and get in touch shortly

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