Purpose Built Apartment In Thornton Heath Sold at Auction

Property Type: Purpose built apartment in Thornton Heath

Reason for selling at auction: Landlord

Guide Price £170,000+

Sold Price £189,000

History of This Auctioned Apartment in Thornton Heath

The local Landlord had become frustrated by various issues with both the past tenants and new mortgage regulations and finally he decided to sell.

Knowing the benefits of auction, the Landlord sold at auction quickly, for 100% of market value, and without all the delays associated with selling a leasehold property, having taken 6 months to sell a similar property in a neighbouring block. To learn more visit our FAQ section.

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Because achieving great sale results for all types of properties throughout UK has allowed us to become leaders in auction sales locally and nationally. We’ve been able to sell properties where estate agents had failed to sell, furthermore, at times, estate agents call upon us to get a sale completed because selling at auctions are ideal method of selling properties quickly. Simply get or use our Request a Call back form below

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