retail property at Blackpool commercial centre

Property Type: Blackpool retail shop with flat above

Reason for selling at auction: Inherited

Seller: Probate

Guide Price £20,000

Sold Price £52,000

History of This Auctioned Retailed Shop in Blackpool

The seller inherited the property and became an accidental Landlord. There was a small rental income for the shop, and a problem tenant to the flat above. The property needed significant work, and if the tenant had moved out the situation would have been worse.

Sell By Auction advised that the property was suitable for a London property auction, and obtained a full page free upgrade.

The property had been valued locally at £25,000, but we were confident that we would get the client more.

On the day there were multiple bids with the property selling for £52,000, along with a completion just 14 days later.

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