Middlesbrough terraced house for sale

Location: Dawlish Green Middlesbrough Cleveland TS4 3NW

Property type: Two bed terraced house

Reason for sale at auction: Vacant, no rental income and mortgage payments

Seller: accidental landlord

Guide price: £40,000

Sold price: £49,000

History of This Auctioned terraced house in Teesside England

The house had been the first time buyers home for several years until the owner met a girlfriend with a bigger house and he moved in. They decided to rent the house after trying to sell it unsuccessfully on the open market.

The owner/landlord joined the tens of thousands of normal home owners who are forced into renting their home out as a short term solution to not being able to sell – accidental landlords.

This is not as good a solution as many people believe – the paperwork, tax returns, changing mortgage, risks, costs, letting agents, rent arrears, gas and electric checks and the list goes on.

The now landlord faced a tenant who had stopped paying the rent and disappeared one day leaving the owner with no rent, an empty house and mortgage bills.

Sale by auction suggested detailed advise and was the best way forward. We sold this Teesside property, exchanged and completed everything in 28 days.

Why Choose Sell by Auction?

Our many years of experience within property market and auctioneering industry allows us to find better avenues for each property we auction off, this is because each sellers circumstance and the property up for auctioning is different and requires thorough understand of “what works, how it works, and how can we achieve faster and more profitable outcomes for our valued clients”. That is why, best may forward for providing great service can start with our free auction appraisal or you can simply call us 0800 302 9441 to discuss your specific requirements. Want us to call you back? Simply use the Request a Call back form below

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