Yorkshire and Humberside Property Auctions

Sell by auction property auctioneers covers Yorkshire and the Humber from five venues. To enter a property click here.

Areas covered include North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Riding Of Yorkshire, Hull, City of York and Lincolnshire.

Our valuation team works seven days a week providing auction appraisals and property valuations. We advise sellers how to get the best price from selling through our auction.

Hundreds of properties are sold by auction house across this great region of England every year. We provide case studies about our most recent sales. Detailing the property type, guide price, sold price and reasons our valued client chose to sell by auction using our services.

Speak to our auctioneers in person, by email, phone or in person here.

We will provide you with an initial estimate of the sale price, quote competitive auction selling fees and confirm the next auction date you can enter. All of this comes with no obligation and is free of charge. Remember all our auction houses come with no sale no fee. As professional property auctioneers, we want to make sure you have all the facts and figures you need to make an informed decision.

Who Uses Sell by Auction?

Our list of clients is impressive and growing continually due to our excpetional customer service and results.

  • Private clients, selling an inherited house, an ex-buy to let property or their primary home
  • Housing associations, disposing of surplus stock in need of refurbishment
  • LPA receivers and asset managers, liquidating repossessions and bankruptcy cases
  • Law firms, selling deceased estates and proceeds of crime act seizures
  • Charities, updating their property portfolios and selling a gifted property
  • SIPP pension providers, selling commercial assets held in pensions funds

Can You Guarantee to Sell My House?

Honestly, yes we could, but that would be cheating! We could put a guide and reserve price on a house of say £1.00, that would guarantee a sale, but obviously, this is not the result that you would want.

Better solution would be to deal with experienced auction experts as we will offer tailored advice to best suit your needs, the property type, its condition, the location and timescales by which you need to sell. Our advice ensures you have the best chance of selling for the best price.

Our Guide and reserve advice is geared to ensure you get maximum interest in the property, the more bidders we generate, the higher the sale price will be. On auction day we will know the likely outcome and will plan accordingly for if we feel bidding may struggle to reach reserve. We can set a secondary reserve; you can authorise us to sell while bidding is taking place or we can provide an underwriting agreement that guarantees a sale on the day of the auction to the underwriter or an auction bidder if bidding exceeds the underwritten amount.

What is an Underwriting Agreement?

Underwriting at auction is a way for the seller to secure a guaranteed sale at auction no matter what happens in the auction. A buyer, the underwriter, makes an offer the seller is willing to accept. An underwriting agreement guarantees a minimum price the seller will receive. In theory, the seller could accept the offer and simply sell before auction. However, with an underwritten offer, the seller has the added advantage of still offering the property through the auction. If a bidder in the auction bids above the underwritten bid, then the seller benefits with a higher sale price. The seller wins either way.

Even if the bids on auction day are less than the underwriters offer the seller still has a legally binding sale at the guaranteed offer price. It’s a win-win situation for the seller.

To discover the full advantages of selling at auction and a guaranteed sale via underwriting, request a callback or contact our office here.
Property Auctions in Yorkshire and Humber


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