Selling by auction means I’ll get less for my property, doesn’t it?

Selling by auction means I’ll get less for my property, doesn’t it?
No, it doesn’t! Not all properties suit auction, however. Sell By Auction will always advise as to what would be your best method of sale for your property.
Auction is by far the quickest way to sell your property. You can instruct, exchange and complete in as little as 4 weeks if you need to sell urgently, even quicker if you sell prior, knowing you have the security of a pre-auction sale, allowing to realise the money in as little as 14 days.

The more marketing time a property has before the auction, the higher chance it will have to sell. However, Sell By Auction will accept late entries, sometimes only 7 days before the auction, we will advise on reserve and an attractive guide price to stimulate bidding interest.

Should I try selling via an estate agent before trying auction?

No, from experience and results this will usually work against you and could blight the property too. Properties that are entered into auction without any prior marketing by estate agents will normally achieve a better sale price; this is because they are new to the market, and from aborted sales due to pricing, market sensitivity or issues with the property. If your property suits sale by auction, then auction should always be your first choice.

Executor sales, is it acceptable to sell at auction?

Absolutely, you can be assured of getting the best possible price. Sell By Auction have analysed executor sales by both traditional estate agent sales and auction sales, not only are auction sales faster in completing, the result on average is a far better price, due to the proper marketing.

Where is my property marketed?

A Sell By Auction instruction will be promoted more heavily than if offered through an estate agent. As well as being added to the major property websites, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, it will be emailed to a huge database of motivated buyers. Press advertising will be used, but more in auction-related features, but we also use social media actively which can be updated at any time.

What type of property is suitable for auction?

Auction sales are proving more popular, and with correct marketing and pricing, we can sell any type of property. Other types proven to sell exceptionally well:

  • Does it need modernisation? can it be extended, or perhaps there is space for another home to be built?
  • Short lease properties are always in demand at auction, whereas selling with an estate agent, buyers will be very limited
  • Is your property tenanted or has it been rented out? No problem at auction, investors will take the property tenanted, no matter if the tenant is a problem on in arrears.
    • Standard residential
    • Poor condition
    • Structural issues
    • Short lease
    • Ex-local authority
    • Probate/inherited
    • Tenanted & investment
    • Commercial & mixed-use
    • Un-mortgageable
    • Unique properties
    • Land & building plots

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